Make Spanish Lessons Enjoyable

It’s important that you make your Spanish lessons enjoyable.  After all, when you enjoy something you find it much easier to do – it’s common sense. How many people look forward to ironing their clothes, for instance? Exactly!

So it’s good to have a plan to make sure you enjoy the process. Here are some suggestions from my own experience.

1. Make your study time regular.

This is important. If you only do your Spanish lessons every now and again you won’t get the necessary momentum, and end up spending a lot of your time trying to remember what you learned from your last lesson. Half-an-hour, three or four times per week is a good starting point.

2. Turn off your radio.

Time spent in your car or on the train can be put to good use to study Spanish. So, take a break from the cd or radio and play your Spanish language audios. If you do this for 30 minutes of every journey you will be amazed at how your mind absorbs the Spanish language.

3. Speak out loud.

Thinking the words in your head is one thing, but when you need to communicate you are going to have to speak – so practice speaking Spanish. Get used to hearing the words come from your mouth and fine-tune your pronunciation skills. This is another good reason to learn from an audio program rather than a book, as you can hear how the Spanish words are supposed to sound.

4. Reward yourself.

This is a very important tip. Mark each success. Did you succesfully complete a lesson? Then give yourself a reward. Did you manage to speak Spanish to someone today? Time for a reward. Giving yourself a pat on the back will help keep you motivated, and make the whole process of learning Spanish much more enjoyable. You’re doing an amazing thing, and you deserve some recognition.