Learning Mexican Spanish

Being a worldwide language, Spanish has a number of variations in different parts of the globe. This can be a little bit tricky when you travel, but the good news is that even with the regional features you will be understood wherever you go.

speaking mexican spanish

If you imagine the situation with English – if you go to the UK, USA, Canada or Australia you will find local expressions, slightly different pronounciation and unique meanings of some words, but you can converse easily with people in each of these countries.

It works the same with Spanish, so there is no need to be stressed about it.

The main thing is to stick with studying your Spanish language program and as long as you are equipped with a reasonable working knowledge of the language then the whole  Spanish-speaking world is open to you.

For many people in the USA they desire to speak Mexican Spanish, not because they want to necessarily visit the country but to be able to converse with the large Mexican population on their doorstep.

Cruises are very popular visiting a number of Mexican resorts and it can be more enjoyable and practical if you understand at least some basics of the language.

Here in the UK flights are full all-year-round heading to Cancun which is a popular holiday and wedding destination.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Mexican Spanish you’ll find that a warm welcome awaits and people are generally very appreciative and encouraging of your efforts to converse in their language. Remember you don’t need to get it perfect, you just need to get your point across and to understand the important points of what you are being told.

Popular Conversational Mexican Spanish Phrases

Chido! Cool

Orale!  Expression of surprise similar to “Wow!”

Hasta Luego. See you later.

Find out more from this Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Spanish